Nothing Left to Lose

Text: Johan Bohlin
Musik: Johan Bohlin & Martin Wersäll

left my wife for the queen of hearts
needed no family but the deck of cards
watched the gold turn into sand
in a game I didn’t understand

she took the house, I sold the car
needed money for a brand new start
spent it on a Monte Carlo cruise
nothing left to lose

drinking and gambling never playing straight
hollow as a ghost, shallow as a grave
wasn’t a matter of loss or gain
i was trying to kill the pain

met a girl with deep blue eyes
she left me for a younger guy
cut me deep but I felt alive
for the first time in a while

she said I don’t care about your empty shell
I don’t care about your wishing well
I’m not gonna try to make you understand
you can’t play an empty hand

drinking and gambling what a damn cliché
hollow as a ghost, shallow as a grave
of all the things my gambling cost,
i miss love, the most

took a long time before I learned
that luck wouldn’t turn
didn’t understand, I only cared
about my castle in the air

I burned the bridge that lead back home
stranded and branded and all alone
pick up the phone, answer my plea
I just need some company

drinking and gambling never played to win
nothing left to lose no reason left to live
i won’t see the day my debts are paid
tonight i’ll fly away