End of the Line

Text & musik: Johan Bohlin

new years eve, the fireworks fill the air
I see the ghosts of better days reflect
in the rockets and the flares

I take your hand and raise my glass to the sky
I try to kiss you but you turn away
then we lie: “everything is fine”
you and me at the end of the line

wrapped in your arms
an empty gesture, an aching need
I search for warmth in your touch,
but the embrace is cramped
and as cold as the winter breeze

I don’t want to be alone, tonight
but the fire is burning out
and this might, be the time
you and me at the end of the line

I know you wanna leave it all behind, I could cry
“don’t go” but there ́s no stopping you tonight
you and me at the end of the line

trust in love and you’ll get burned
and scarred for life
trust in love and you will learn to lie
learn to smile while you break or fade away,
it’s a bitter pill to take


still i can’t let go of your hand