Cut Her Loose

Text & musik: Per Malm

into the night and far away
to show you where my dreams are made
we’ve got to run and don ́t look back
disappear in the endless black

there’s not a soul down on the beach
I kiss your lips they taste so sweet
maybe one year from now we will know
if theres another scar to show

the beginning is always so pretty
but after a while it turns sour
we can only hope that this will turn out right
but my gut keeps tellin me

cut her loose don’t reach out
cut her loose she’s gonna let you down
cut her loose before she breaks your heart
cut her loose don’t break it to her gently ‘cause
the more you hurt the more you gain

out of the night you came my way
I took your hand and led you astray
it’s been a year since we first met
down at the beach of broken hearts