Carry Me Home

Text & musik: Johan Bohlin

it’s a summer song
about some folks that did some wrong
about the crooks that I’ve known
in this town I call my home

it’s a shitty place, when the sun is up to grace us
we’ve got to get shit faced
we’ve got to drink our sins away

i need the booze to cool me off
i need you to warm my soul
and when this town has sucked me dry
i need you to carry my home

when I ran away, some friends chose to stay
nobody walked the line, we got just as torn by time

this town has left a scar, a splinter in my heart
we’re all looking at the stars
from the gutter or the bar

walking down the street I see the girls I fell in
love with when I was sixteen
I was filled with childish dreams
dreams of growing up, dreams of meeting lady luck,
dreams of tender touch
I guess I haven’t changed that much

you shine like a pearl among the white trash girls
one thing I overheard
“he’s too dumb to be with her”
still I wanna show you how it’s done
in this town I call my home we get drunk and we get
stoned but at least we’re not alone