A Girl Like You

Text & musik: Johan Bohlin

found myself drowning in the wishing well
wishing to escape this living hell
a well full of booze and a well full of sin
you can buy my love in the bargain bin

crawling like a hound on the drunk tank floor
searching for the pride I lost at your door

work as a cashier at the grocery store
on fridays I go searching for something more

searching for new ways to impress you love
this obsession’s got me hanging around

how could i ever think
that i could have a chance
on a girl like you

dancing and drinking and stumblin home
was a rocker was a roller was a man on the run

I know you’re searching for another kind
not a drunk, a romantic,
someone who’ll walk the line

ain’t got no way to impress you love
this obsession is tearing me down