Sleepy Town

Text & musik: Johan Bohlin
Musik: Per Malm

I can’t get out of this sleepy town
I can’t walk straight
I can’t walk the line
you know I loved you but sleepy town
has drenched our hopes
in vodka and wine

the stores closed down here
in sleepy town
the streets are empty
we’re still entwined
thank god the barrooms
are still around
we’ll drench our sorrows
in vodka and wine
it’ll paint the town red
for just one night

and the last big thing
that rocked this town
was when the crane
came falling down

I’m just your habit and you are mine
a vague reflection of better times

a wall of memories, a wall of sound
a flood of liquor will tear it down
helps us endure in, this sleepy town

but the streets reek of testosterone
tonight, we’re all alone

the promises we’ve broken
the last days of our youth
we struggle not to realize
the grim and simple truth
this town’s a tomb

I’ll end my days here in zombie town
I’ll roam the streets with death in my eyes
I’ve never felt this empty before
a raven tapping at my front door

my future’s behind me, yours is ahead
remember nothing but dreams we dreamt
I squeeze your hand
your knuckles turn white
the road before you is shining bright

out of the ashes out of the night
out of the darkness into the light