Heartache Rodeo

Text & musik: Per Malm
Text: Johan Bohlin

I was hungry for love
when she left me to starve
outside Tranquilo salsa bar
for the first time in years
I’d been sober for weeks
then I fell in love
with the queen of the street

it’s time to do time in the prison of sin
the drink in my hand, it ain’t water, it’s gin

I don’t know which way to go
she bucked me off it’s heartache rodeo
I don’t know who I should be
I can’t sing along and I can’t move my feet

the barroom closed down
I was drunk, I was tired
but the queen of the street
wasn’t done for the night

she said ”you’re too much of nothing,
too little, too late, too much
decency and too much grace”

a marching bands playing this vanity fair
my heart is the bass drum
my head is the snare
she knows she’s lovely and too good for me
she can’t take the boredom
I can’t stand the heat