Anna’s Arms

Text & musik: Johan Bohlin

nothing left but the things I hide
every breath holds a world of fire
obvious enough from the way she burned
I was never smart enough for her

in my empty shell, whispering to myself
I won’t fall in love this time
every battle fought, every song I wrote
I learned nothing but to lie

trapped in Anna’s arms
I gave up my heart
I gave up every aching part
trapped in Anna’s arms

broke, torn, alone and free
freedom never suited me

some boys run and don’t look back
some boys heal and some boys crash

every passing day, every ounce of strength
every shallow compliment
I used them all, through my rise and fall
until the day I finally bent

in the flickering light I saw wuthering heights
by the edge of the abyss
among the empty cans, the unwashed pans
I drank my pride to bits

a kneeling drunkard’s plea
was gonna set me free
she wore my heart on her sleeve
while I was on my knees